Regos for the July camps are now open: (please go to the sign up page)

We will be running 2 camp over the July school holidays.

We are holdng the following camps:

Senior camp starting Sunday 8th @ 7pm and finishing Thursday 12th @ 7pm.

Senior camp is for kids in years 7 - 9 at school.

Junior camp starting Sunday 15th @ 7pm and finishing Thursday 19th @ 7pm

Junior camp is for kids in years 4 - 6 at school.

Please note we do not accept children outside the school year for the camps

As it is Winter please bring warm and extra cloths as they will get dirty and wet.

Please have a look at What is Kids camp (on website) for more information.

The cost for camp is $160 per child, (if there is a problem please get in touch with either Gordon or Patty and let us know as we can help in some cases).

Please note that when you enrol or register your child, you will recieve a reply immediatly after you press submit, confirming your childs acceptence in the camp. also at the bottom of this reply you will find the payment instructions if you wish to make an online payment. If you do an online payment please include your childs name as a reference. We have also put a page on the website with instructions on payment online.

Hi Everyone, we hope you are all enjoying the cooler weather.

July camps will be great and we look forward to seeing you all there

Thanks and Blessings to all

Gordon and Patty,