A variety of brilliant activities will transform any gathering into an interactive, exciting experience. Have a browse through our range of options and pick the ones to make your stay one for the memory bank. 

  • Confidence Course
    SCHOOLS ONLY: A series of gritty forest obstacles to negotiate
  • Masterchef
    SCHOOLS ONLY: Two teams face off to cook up the finest French toast
  • Slingshot Paintball
    SCHOOLS ONLY: Shoot at 15 hidden forest targets with slingshots and paintballs
  • Archery
    Two shooters. Two targets. Three arrows. One great activity.
  • Beach
    A large sandy beach with safe swimming
  • Bivouac Building
    Build a shelter with tarp & bamboo before the storm hits!
  • Burma Trail
    Follow the rope through the bush in the darkness
  • Fire Pits
    A classic campfire, perfect for toasting marshmallows. Sorry this closed due to Fire ban being imposed.
  • Frisbee Golf
    A perfect blend of frisbee and golf around our site
  • Geocaching
    GPS your way around the site, finding 12 hidden birdhouses
  • Hobo Stoves
    A spot of outdoor cooking on upturned tin cans
  • Initiative Course
    Work as a team to overcome these 7 different challenges
  • Orienteering
    Solve clues and use your maps to find all the letters
  • Rocky Shore
    A world of underwater treasure awaits our low-tide explorers
  • Sports Field
    A classic open space for sports
  • Slug Guns
    Shoot pellets at hanging tins and target paddles
  • Top Town Games
    10 simple games to complete in a circuit, with only 5 minutes each
  • Water Slide
    60m of high speedy watery adrenaline