Gordon Campbell

PSYV Director 

Gordon has been Camp Director at Peter Snell Youth Village for over 11 years and been involved in Christian Camping for decades. He's overseen numerous site developments, run countless camps and generally made PSYV what it is today. When not in the office or fixing something, he's usually found in the kitchen, flaunting his professional cheffing skills. 


Patty Campbell

Catering Manager & Chef

Good food is a cornerstone to every decent camp. At PSYV, our experienced chef, Patty, manages the menu to ensure every camper enjoys a delicious spread throughout their stay. While nutrition is always a must, there's certainly plenty of treats too! Patty & Gordon have three children and 2 grandchildren. 


Gaye Haywood


Gaye has lived locally for decades and raised her family here. After running a home kill business for over 20 years she's now cooking camp delights with incredible energy. Gaye's hard working, enjoys healthy eating and fitness and cycles whenever she can. 

Richard Ransfield


38 years in the catering industry serving hotels, restaurants and owning a cafe, has made Richard the great cook he is today. Expect sumptious meals with a touch of flare whenever you spot Richard in the kitchen. He lives locally, has three children and actively supports the community.



Overseeing our staff and facilities are a committee of dedicated people with close ties to PSYV and a heart for Christian camping. They meet regularly to ensure we continue to provide the best services possible and consistently move forward, develop and grow. They are...

Gordon Campbell (manager)
Jim Chamley
John Cox
Nate Dunn (chair)  
Murray Pinkham (treasurer)
Allan Robertson
Ken Stout