What is Kids Camp

Peter Snell Youth Village runs exciting camps during the school holidays for children, school years 4 - 9.

The price includes accomodation, food and all acivities for 5 nights. If you would appreciate some financial help, please contact us as there might be a subsidy available. 

These camps normally start at 4pm on Sunday and finish at 7pm on the following Friday. The children stay at the camp throughout. If your child has a dietary requirement, please get in touch with us prior to the camp and we will endevour to cater for them.


Peter Snell Youth Village is an interdenominational Christian camp owned and operated by the NZ Sunday School Union. All programmes are conducted under the supervision of the Camp Manager, assisted by programme directors and a team of leaders. The wellbeing and enjoyment of campers in a safe and controlled environment is of prime importance.

Bible based talks are conducted on a non-sectarian basis, the purpose being to show the relevance of the Bible today.

What to Bring:

Sleeping bag, pillow, pyjamas, at least 3 changes of clothes, shoes, togs and towels, toiletries, raincoat, insect repellent, sun-block, hat, plastic bag for wet gear, Bible (if possible),  Cake or biscuits to share.

What NOT to Bring: Stereos, MP3’s, tablets, phones, money, expensive clothes, chewing gum, soft drinks or lollies.

Meal time

view from deck

Some of the activites that we may do include, wide games, water slides, beach time, water fights, hall games, archery, air rifles, bivoucs, confidence course, team games, and other great things (we may not do all these activites at one camp).

If your child has any special needs, please contact us prior to camp so we can discuss how to support them. 

You will need to sign your child in at the start of camp and out again when collecting. 

All medication is to be handed in at the start of camp. a "Medication Details Form" will be filled out at registration. The medication will be administered as required by a camp adult.